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Eee PC Recovery without CD

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Posted 15-06-2009 at 11:38 AM by Paul

Having had the need to reinstall Windows XP on an Eee PC without being able to connect a CDROM drive directly to it, I came up with the following to use the supplied recovery image via a USB Flash Memory.

There's no guarantee this will work for you so use at your own risk.

You need:
  1. PeToUSB from
  2. USB Flash Memory, I used a 4GB stick.
  3. The CD that came with the Eee PC
To make a bootable USB Flash Memory stick for recovery, you need to use a PC with a 32bit operating system, then:
  1. From the recovery CD that came with the Eee PC extract WINPE.ISO using WinRAR or WinZIP to a folder on your PC e.g. c:\eeepc
  2. In c:\eeepc\i386\system32 double click WNPESHL.INI and change:




    Save the file
  3. Connect a USB Flash Drive
  4. Start PeToUSB
  5. Destination Drive: USB Removable, and from the drop down select the letter for the drive you just connected
  6. Format Options: Enable Disk Format
  7. Tick Enable File Copy
  8. Then in the Source Path to built bartpe/winpe files: click the browse button to the right and select the folder e.g. c:\eeepc
  9. Click Start and Yes
  10. Wait while it formats the Flash drive and copies the boot files to it.
  11. Close PeToUSB
  12. Copy the whole Recovery folder from the Eee PC CD ROM to the USB Flash Drive, this should be one or more .gho files.

To Test:
  1. Plug into Eee PC and boot it, press Escape as the Eee PC goes through the BIOS and then select the USB Flash Drive as the boot device
  2. If all works as it should you're in Ghost and can restore the disk image , the .gho files, to the Eee PC.


You can go a step further an use Ghost on the Flash Drive you just made to make an image of your current partitions so that the Eee PC can be restored to it's current state rather then the factory default.
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